Design Request Process- Increase Enhancement Sales with Designs

Communicate enhancements and Davey’s professional services with photo renderings or site plans.

  • Design Request Proces slideContact Anne Coke to produce photo-renderings, site plans or RFPs. Anne is available by phone, 330-730-2357 or email: anne {at}
  • Email Design Request, include the following:
    6 digit local office #
    Project site name and City/State location
    Requested turn-around time
    Design budget
    Requested design deliverables: photo rendering, site plan, RFP
  • Photo Rendering Request- Take straight-on pictures of the property’s areas you need designed. Submit photos via email.  If sending from phone, select Medium to Large size image.  If sending multiple photos, send a maximum of 3 photo attachments per email.
  • Sketch your design ideas on a piece of paper OR print out the project photo and use a marker to map out your design ideas.  Indicate specific plant material and placement.  Take a picture of (or scan) your sketch OR marked up photo and submit via email.
  • Site Plan Request- Send clean project site survey as PDF, bmp or jpeg via email. If measurements are not clearly displayed on the survey, include know measures; i.e. width of driveway, length of entry sign or length of foundation wall.
  • Anne will reply to your design request within 24 hours. She will provide an estimate for turn-around time as well as design cost.   Typical turn-around is 3-5 business days.  She will contact you with questions and to confirm the design concept.
  • Anne will submit your Design Invoice containing your 6 Digit Local Office # to the Davey Accounts Payable department.