"The more you see, the more you know." Aldous Huxley

Coke Consulting gathers your project's input to create visuals and reports that call people to make decisions.  Whether you are involved with transportation planning, city beautification or landscape services, Coke Consulting is an extension of your bid proposal team.  


Our services provide all key stakeholders with the data-to-information conversion to fully tell the story of what is occurring on a project basis. The goal is to easily convey what the proposed policies and plans will have on the human and natural environment, thereby, providing them with a firm basis on which to make decisions about future courses of action. Visual communications clarify and compress information and offer a concrete and easily observable resource. Being just a traffic engineer isn't good enough anymore.


FDOT DBE Certified


Work Group 6, Traffic Engineering & Operations Studies:

6.1 Traffic Engineering Studies

6.2 Traffic Signal Timing

6.3.1 Intelligent Trans Sys Analysis and Design

6.3.2 Intelligent Transportation Systems Implementation

6.3.3 Intelligent Transportation Traffic Engineering Systems Communications

6.3.4 Intelligent Transportation Systems Software Development


Work Group 7, Traffic Operations Design:

7.1 Signing, Pavement Marking and Channelization

7.3 Signalization


Computer with Plant 2

Landscape Design

⇒ Teaming as DBE on city beautification and
community enhancement projects
⇒ Landscape designs prepared for bidding and public out-reach purposes
⇒ Extension of an existing landscape design team
⇒ Commercial and residential landscape design services
⇒ Create RFP packages
⇒ Planting Plans
⇒ Photo Renderings





Computer with graph2

Transportation Reporting

⇒Teaming on TSM&O projects

⇒ Adaptive Signal Analysis reports

⇒ Bluetooth travel time system support

⇒ QA/QC documents for studies

⇒ Design experts and recommendations of layouts, equipment placement

⇒ Signal timing upgrade comparison reports, trends, routes of significance grading, adjustments and timing plans; before during and after Adaptive analysis